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What if I want a holiday?
Under DIAC legislation, holidays are not granted to students on student visas. Under special circumstances it may be possible to defer your course, but in order to do this you must leave Australia.

What if I am sick?

If you are sick or have a personal problem, please ring up ABI to let us know what is happening. You will need a doctor’s certificate if you miss your class because of a sickness. You need to keep the original to show DIAC in case they question your attendance.

When you enroll with ABI you are required by law to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and when you arrive at the ABI, your health card should be ready for you at the start of your studies at ABI. If you need to see a doctor, you will have to pay at the initial consultation however you can then claim the money back from your health care fund.

Who should I see if I have a personal problem?
Depending on the nature of your personal problem, you can contact ABI staff or an external agency in order to resolve your personal problem. ABI staff would be happy to help you if they can and you feel comfortable talking to them. A list of different agencies( with names and contact numbers) is being provided under our Students Services in our Students handbook which is provided to students on their Induction Day.

Who should I tell if my address or contact details change?
If your address or contact details change you must notify ABI within 7 days of any change and as soon as possible for you. Please contact our Administration Office for any change by phone, email or in person.

Who should I see if I have a problem with my visa?
Please our Administration Office if you have a problem with your visa or any other form of government documentation.

Who should I see to check my attendance?
You should speak our Administration Office if you need to check your attendance.

What do I do if I feel I am in the wrong class?
If you feel your class is too easy or difficult for you, you should speak to your Trainer. The Trainers will give you their opinion and recommend what they think is best for you. If you are still not happy, you should speak to the Director of Studies and they will speak with your Trainer to determine the best course of action.

Who should I see if I have a problem with my course?
If you have a problem with your course you should see your Trainer. However if you are not satisfied with their answer, you should speak to the Director of Studies or Student Support Officer.

Who should I speak to about further study or pathways to university?
If you want advice on what course you should do next you should see Director of Studies who will be able to help you.

How can I suggest something for the Institute for further improvement

We welcome your feedback and strongly recommend to do so by send us your email and give your feedback on all matters in details.