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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Domestic Students

After course commencement students who discontinue will not be entitled to any refund. Every effort will be made to negotiate the transfer of training in the event of a student’s prolonged illness or personal hardship. However, no consideration can be given to extended absences for any other reason.

International Students

The tuition fees will be refunded only under the following circumstances as shown in the table below:

Enrollment Fee: Non-refundable

Tuition Fees

Visa refused prior to course commencement: Full refund

Withdrawal at least 5 weeks prior to agreed start date: 90% refund

Withdrawal at least 3 weeks prior to agreed start date: 70% refund

Withdrawal less than 2 weeks prior to agreed start date: No refund

Withdrawal after the agreed start date: No refund

Visa cancelled due to actions of the student: No refund

Visa extension is refused: Return of unused tuition fees

Withdrawal from study – current students:  For refund of unused tuition fees,Notification of Withdrawal form must be received by ABI 4 weeks prior to start date of the following semester(s)

Compulsory Health Insurance (Student Visa holders only): Refer to OSHC provider

Airport Pick-up: Full Refund if cancelled 7 days prior to flight arrival

Tuition fees will be NOT be refunded under the following circumstances:

  1. Student whose enrolment is terminated for failure to comply ABI’s policies and procedures and the requirements of their Student Visa by DIAC.
  2. Student cancels the enrolment less than four weeks prior the course commencement date.
  3. Student cancels the enrolment after course commencement date.
  4. Does not commence (i.e. Does not arrive, or has not arranged with ABI for a later start.)

Requests for refund should be made in writing to the CEO with documented evidence of the reason for withdrawal. Eligible refunds will be refunded within 28 day of receipt of the claim. A documented administrative fee $150 will be charged for processing all refunds. All Non-Tuition fees (as provided in pre-enrolment information) are not refundable including enrolment fee, accommodation placement fee, course material fee and airport pickup fee (if less than 7 days notice).

All refunds will include a statement explaining how the refund amount was calculated. Refund will only be given to the person who paid the tuition fees. For example, if the tuition fee was paid by an agent or parents, the money will only be refunded to either the agent or parents.

This refund policy does not remove students’ rights to take further action under the Australian Consumer Protection Laws.

Staff is responsible for referring all enquiries regarding fees, charges and refunds to the CEO..

Withdrawal From Commenced Course

In the event the students intend to transfer their study to another provider or terminate their study. One month notice in writing is required before the commencement date of the next term. If less than one month notice is given, the student or an agent or parents have the obligation to pay the following semester fee according to the instalment indicates on the offer letter.

Students will need to fill out the Course Withdrawal Form to notify ABI the cease of their study. The form is available from ABI administration office upon request.